Karl Renner · August 26, 2016

Heated Countertops

Sounds weird we know but just hear us out for a minute.A few weeks ago, we wrote about heated floors and just how amazing it feels to never need slippers again, read that article here. Onto bigger and better things now, what ELSE can we heat and make cozy in your new space.

What about those icy cold counters? Now we know, it does sound a bit odd to bother heating the counter tops in your home, but if you’re worried about the cost - heating an average kitchen counter costs about $0.15/day and that’s if it is always on.

Picture this, it’s a Saturday morning, the kids aren’t up yet and you are sitting at the kitchen island reading your morning news or checking your phone for the latest updates and all you can think about is how freezing cold your arms are resting on the countertop. Now play that same picture in your head - but add a warm and inviting countertop to lay your arms on. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Having a warm counter has other benefits too, things like bread can be proofed quicker because of the warm surface, your food stays warmer for longer, and the obvious being your space simply feels more luxurious and has a sense of occasion every time you sit down and everytime someone leans on the counter with a smile as they are greeted by the warmth.

Moving to something a little less relaxing than enjoying a morning coffee with warm arms is adding the heated counters to your laundry area.

You know all those items you cannot tumble dry and take days to dry out properly in your bedroom, or bathroom or maybe in your hallway on a drying rack? Well those can all be a thing of the past, adding the warm counter below a drying rail can gently dry your delicates quickly and efficiently, and when those items drip on the counter the water simply evaporates in a flash instead of sticking around for days.

There’s other benefits too - place cold and wet ski or snowboard boots on the counters and soon they are ready to go again, place wet running shoes on them and voila - bone dry.

Want to experience heated countertops for yourself? Come by the showroom, we’ve got one that’s nice and warm!

Written by Karl Renner