Karl Renner · March 9, 2018

Embrace The Dark Side

Black kitchens are emerging as a major design trend, and it’s easy to see why-they’re bold, sleek and a way to incorporate glamour into everyday rituals, from your morning coffee to your evening nightcap. Dark cabinets and appliances are a stunning way to bring depth and elegance into your kitchen. Scroll down to see some compelling arguments for going over to the dark side…

First, if you’re worried about being overwhelmed by the darkness-don’t be. While you should consider the natural lighting in your kitchen to determine just how dark you’re going to go-white tiles, bright paint and open shelving are simple ways to bring the light back in! Look for mirrors and metals in your accent pieces for extra light reflection and oomph.



An easy way to incorporate black into your kitchen is to convert a statement piece which is already dominating the space. Try the range or vent hood for a powerful pop without completely changing the vibe.

If you’re feeling bold, nothing transforms the kitchen like black cabinets, or black tile for a backsplash (here you can really play around with texture). A sheen or shade can make the difference between an elegant space and a cave, so it’s important to consider all the major components of your kitchen when picking paint and finishes. Built in appliances and custom panels are excellent options for incorporating your kitchen essentials when it counts.

 Whether you’re only bringing in a few pieces of this ultra chic trend or diving right in, you’re likely to question why you hadn’t done it sooner! The black kitchen trend will breathe new life into your home and is definitely here to stay a while.

So, what do you think? Would you incorporate some blacks into your kitchen renovation, or are you afraid of the dark? Comment below and tell us!



Written by Karl Renner