Karl Renner · October 9, 2016

Cooking With Steam

Steam ovens have been used in the commercial kitchen industry for years, and once you get your hands on one you will understand why. Once you start cooking with steam, you won't be able to go back - you might even want to get rid of your microwave!


A steam oven is a smaller version of your normal oven where you can cook with a wet heat and steam instead of a normal dry heat. They can be either a standalone appliance about the size of a microwave or come within a full range beside your main oven. All of the high end appliance manufacturers are making these amazing appliances now including Thermador, Wolf, Viking and Gaggenau - each of them taking a slightly different approach.


Most often, we get asked if a steam oven can completely replace your normal oven - the simple answer is no. For most people, you will still need a regular oven simply for it’s size and ability to brown foods - something a steam oven cannot do. Most steam ovens are small and compact, you can fit a 20lb turkey in some of them, but nothing more. You also do not have access to any of the high heat modes like broil, or convection broil making it impossible to do things like brown food. That being said what you can do in a steam oven far outweighs any short comings they might have.

The list of things we have tried to make in our steam oven is endless and most of the time they come out perfectly, but here’s a list of a few.

  • steamed vegetables
  • mashed potatoes
  • rice (seriously - perfect rice, every single time)
  • risotto (without all the stirring and labour)
  • a roasted chicken dinner (including the veggies and potatoes in one oven all at once)
  • ribs (in 1.5 hours not 8)
  • reheating - anything
  • fish (just like a chef cooks!)
  • proofing bread in minutes

We were shocked at how well some of these items came out when we opened the door - once the steam had cleared and we could see inside, what was left each time left us always asking, “You’re kidding! How did that end up, like, well, THAT?! Wow!”

Now a steam oven isn’t without a learning curve, and thankfully each of the manufacturers provide a cookbook on how to use each of them with recipes as well as tips and tricks.

A steam oven is a must have for your upcoming kitchen renovation, with the help of our expert designers - we can find the best one for you and make sure the appliance fits seamlessly into your new kitchen.

Written by Karl Renner