Karl Renner · September 30, 2016

Bring the outside, inside

Have you heard of a NanaWall? If you haven't keep reading and visit their website here. A NanaWall is a collapsing large door/window system that moves completely out of the way to reveal the outdoors. Imagine instead of having a small, narrow opening your guests have to pass through to get to your deck, you can open the entire wall of your home up to nature. A NanaWall effectively brings whatever is outside your home to become part of it.

A few things to know before deciding if a NanaWall is right for your renovation:
  • Know your space. Before you think about a NanaWall, the space needs to be able to support it structurally. This can often be made possible by putting a beam into the opening and supporting the load down to the foundation, your current existing structure however may be able to handle a NanaWall, best to have an engineer help out with this.
  • Know your climate. Vancouver is perfect for a NanaWall. Since the wall is triple pane glass and impeccably sealed, nothing will get in when the wall is shut. During our summers and spring, you can open the entire space up and bring the outdoors

So blow out that old set of french doors or sliding doors and make your entire wall disappear!

Written by Karl Renner