Karl Renner · August 9, 2016

All About Countertops

The countertops of your new kitchen are the part you touch, feel, put things on to cut (hopefully with a cutting board) and lean on in the morning with your morning Americano or tea. This post is to give you all the information you need on countertops – what material to choose, how long they take to be installed and more. So let’s get started with the basics – materials.



By far the most durable and most chosen for our clients, Quartz is a great option for your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz is stain resistant, heat resistant, impact resistant, never needs sealing and since it is a man made product can be duplicated at a different time with no colour variation and can be created to replicate granite, marble or just about anything you can think of.


One of the hardest materials available, granite offers a bold choice with it’s available naturally occurring patterns and colours. Granite is also incredibly hard and resistant to scratches. However, since it is naturally occurring – finding identical stone for a repair or an addition is next to impossible and granite requires sealing about once a year.


A true show stopper for your renovation – adding wood to your kitchen can really make a statement. Most of our clients choose to use wood on a small area of their kitchen like an accented area of the counter or an island. Since it is wood, you must be careful for cutting, dents and heat on the product. On the flip side, a wood counter is the only material that with a simple sand and re-finish can look exactly like it was when it was originally installed.


A solid surface is derived from acrylic and polyester and can be made in almost any shape and size with no seams. Since the colour runs all the way through the man made surface, scratches and dings can be easily and quickly repaired. The surface is also impermeable to all stains and grime so clean up is a breeze.


Adding a metal counter can add a more industrial feel to your space – most clients choose to use metal in a free standing island situation or an add on piece. Metal is easily scratched but can handle heat and cold just like placing something on your stove.


Easy to maintain and found in almost every colour, pattern and texture you can imagine – laminate counters are available in a wide variety of choices. Laminate isn’t as resistant to heat or impact as some of the other choices however it can be a great alternative to a complex stone getting the look of marble without all the hassle.


countertop-bg-solidsurfacewhite.jpgAfter you’ve selected what surface will work with your lifestyle, budget and colour requirements it’s time to
 begin the process of designing, measuring and installing your new counter tops in your home. The entire process takes about 4 weeks and we don’t measure until your bottom cupboards are installed. Why do we wait until the cupboards are in? We can measure in our computer programs for the cost, required amount of material and other information – but the reality is that there will always be variances and when we measure we use lasers to make sure we have perfect measurements so your countertops are perfect.


We meet with you to decide on the optimal kitchen and bring samples to see how each of the surfaces works with the rest of your kitchen.


Once the cabinets have been installed, we come to your home and measure with lasers to make sure the counter will be exactly perfect for the space, then we send that information onto the manufacturer.


The manufacturer then gets to work making the countertops for your new home. This takes about 3 weeks.


Once the counters have been delivered the site, we install them on the cabinets. We ensure the fitment is perfect and use almost invisible seams (if required) to glue any sections together.


Written by Karl Renner