Karl Renner · October 9, 2016

Cooking With Steam

Steam ovens have been used in the commercial kitchen industry for years, and once you get your hands on one you will understand why. Once you start cooking ... Read More →

Karl Renner · September 30, 2016

Bring the outside, inside

Have you heard of a NanaWall? If you haven't keep reading and visit their website here. A NanaWall is a collapsing large door/window system that moves ... Read More →

Karl Renner · August 28, 2016

All About: Lighting

Lighting; when should you start creating your renovations lighting plan? Simple answer: as early as possible! The reason we plan so far ahead is that the ... Read More →

Karl Renner · August 26, 2016

Heated Countertops

Sounds weird we know but just hear us out for a minute.A few weeks ago, we wrote about heated floors and just how amazing it feels to never need slippers ... Read More →

Karl Renner · August 18, 2016

Reno To Sell or Reno To Live

We all know that the Vancouver real estate market is one of the hottest in the world and so there are a large number of homeowners who buy and flip houses by ... Read More →

Karl Renner · August 9, 2016

All About Countertops

The countertops of your new kitchen are the part you touch, feel, put things on to cut (hopefully with a cutting board) and lean on in the morning with your ... Read More →

Karl Renner · August 1, 2016

Your Blog Post Title Here...

Do you like having warm feet? We assume your answer is yes, so - YES get heated floors! Actually it’s not quite that simple, so let’s actually answer the ... Read More →

Karl Renner · July 28, 2016

10 Things To Know Before You Start A Renovation

There are  many reasons you might choose to renovate your home or condo. One reason may be that you want an update from an outdated style, or perhaps it's time ... Read More →

Karl Renner · July 20, 2016

What The Heck Is A Pot Filler?

What is a pot filler and why do I need one? Ever wondered why you would put a faucet above your range or what they’re for? Well wonder no more, because we are ... Read More →